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About BrainCave CSR

Nowadays, CSR is no longer a nice-to-have, it is a need-to-have. Businesses, irrespective of size and shape are anticipated to lead the way in making a progressive CSR program.

Here comes the role of our BrainCave CSR software. Our CSR software gives back to our clients to constantly move to rely on the current social and economic climate.

BrainCave CSR Features
  • Budget & Fund Allocation- Control your finances and be confident to make financial decisions
  • Project Monitoring with LFA Tracking- Improve productivity with stakeholder collaboration and real-time tracking
  • Beneficiary & Impact Assessment- Promote transparency by analyzing the consequences of a proposed action
  • NGO Partner Due Diligence- Increase investment and risk management and optimize your business production
  • Volunteer and Donation Management- Understand your donors better and build transparency with your supporters
  • Project Management- Analyze the input, output, outcome, and impact of your business for better business escalation
  • Geographic Information System- Get existing socio-economic scenarios with baseline and census data
Braincave Soft CSR Services

BrainCave CSR is a CSR management system that is an intelligent mix of GIS (Geographical Information System) & MIS (Management Information System) with an integrated web & mobile-based application. With this, BrainCave Binary Software LLP has become one of the trusted CSR consulting firms in India.

Are you looking for cost-effective CSR software to grow your business in a sustainable way? Get in touch with us to know BrainCave CSR’s plethora of benefits.

Want to know more about CSR?

If you are still thinking about “what is CSR and how its implementation can assist your business to scale up, call us now. Create magic by maximizing productivity and profits with CSR.